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At Wakely Actuarial, we go beyond traditional consulting. Our team of highly skilled actuaries and insurance professionals will work with you to provide the optimal solutions for your business needs, with a high level of communication, honesty, and transparency.
We believe that good communication and personal interaction brings better results. There are no barriers when it comes to being honest with our clients, regardless of whether we are discussing the positives or negatives related to your business.
Open communication doesn’t stop with our clients, either. Our long tenured staff has collaborated together on many projects that span a wide variety of products and client situations. Because of our cross training and teamwork, we are confident in   the depth of our team’s skill sets and are committed to helping each other grow as actuaries.
When you visit our office...

...You won’t see long rows of cubicles, fancy executive boards rooms, or formal business attire. We tend to be more casual and informal than other consulting firms. We believe our relaxed environment gives our team the ability to be more flexible with their work and more available for our clients when they need us.

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Wakely Insights

Olivia Guzman
Actuarial Analyst
“The environment at Wakely is the best. The staff is one of a kind with many versatile qualities and strengths that all work together to build amazing work for all clients.”