Wakely Actuarial has long-term relationships with major reinsurers, as well as direct writing companies that share insurance risk.

Our team can provide assistance with early-stage product design, pricing, and underwriting protocols to ensure reinsurance will be available on equitable terms, as well as analysis of reinsurance proposals. Our reinsurance services include:

  • Reinsurance Modeling
  • Finding and Obtaining Reinsurance
  • Coinsurance, Modified Coinsurance, or Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) Analysis


We can assist with auditing insurance company processes for:

  • State insurance departments
  • Insurance companies (internal audits)
  • External audit companies

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Support

When new blocks of business are administered, we work with third party administrators to serve as a liaison between them and insurance companies. We can also assist our clients with finding and evaluating TPA solutions.

Sales and Marketing Support

We also work with a company's marketing departments, directly with major sales departments, or independent agencies and brokers to serve as a liaison between you and your sales distribution channels when new blocks of business are administered. We can also assist our clients with finding viable distribution channels.

Expert Testimonies

We can assist legal firms, in-house counsel, or regulators with issues related to ongoing litigation requiring an expert actuarial opinion. This can range from preparation of supporting materials to expert witness testimony.