Commission Valuations

Valuation of renewal commission streams for agents, banks, and investors


Wakely can assist in valuing renewal commission streams for agents, insurance companies, banks, and other investors. This service can be provided for almost any product line in the life and health industry such as Senior Market, Supplemental Health and Life Insurance.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?
  • Determine value for companies that purchase blocks for investment purposes
  • Provide seriatim monthly or annual projections
  • Develop independent certifications for investors, banks or creditors
  • Assist agents with valuations needed to obtain credit from banks or to sell renewals entirely
  • Assemble formal reports and detailed documentation or experience studies for larger block valuation projects

Want to know how much your commissions are worth?

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Wakely Insights

Laura Hopkins
Senior Actuarial Analyst
"Before completing commission valuation work I had never considered the potential asset associated with these commission streams. Sometimes, creative approaches to traditional systems can provide unexpected long-term value. I love working for a company that utilizes out of the box thinking while fostering client relationships that go beyond the insurance industry.”