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Stefanie Porta

Stefanie joined the Wakely Actuarial team in January 2020 and serves as a Consulting Actuary, focusing on life insurance valuation and modeling.
October 07, 2020

How Wakely Actuarial Tailors Our Approach to Meet Our Clients' Needs

Stefanie Porta posted in Insider, Insights

At Wakely Actuarial, we help insurance carriers develop strategies that fit their business needs.

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August 26, 2020

Leveraging an Actuarial Consultant to Help Prepare an Actuarial Opinion

Stefanie Porta posted in Valuation and Financial Reporting

An Actuarial Opinion has evolved to become the pillar for establishing reserves for life, annuities, and health insurance. The goal is to make sure that...

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March 26, 2020

Actuarial Consulting in a Time of Uncertainty

Stefanie Porta posted in Insights

Working as the newest Consultant Actuary for Wakely Actuarial opens a new chapter in what has been an abundant career in the insurance industry.

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