Actuarial Modeling

Projection models and reporting tools that help drive key business decisions


We have specialists in a wide range of life and health product lines that require actuarial modeling. This modeling might range from projections of new business for initial rate development to complicated testing of an entire company’s reserves using cash flow testing of assets and liabilities. We also have developed custom reporting tools that not only help present financial projections in a format that captures key financial measures, but also can be easily interpreted by senior management.

You shouldn’t have to be an actuary to understand actuarial results. We provide our clients a clear vision of how their product pricing, experience analysis, and financial projections can be used to drive decisions, report to regulators, or simply to understand company performance.

How do we specifically help our clients with their needs?
  • Pricing projections showing emergence of profits on new business
  • Asset adequacy testing (cash flow testing) and Gross Premium Valuations
  • DAC Recoverability and Loss Recognition testing for GAAP reporting
  • Reinsurance modeling (either from a direct or reinsurer’s perspective)
  • Company budgets for management, regulators, and rating agencies
  • Stochastic Modeling
  • Appraisals and Block Acquisitions
  • Commission valuations (projected value of renewal commission streams)

We use Moody’s GGY AXIS actuarial software to perform most of our modeling. As one of the first consulting firms in the United States to use GGY AXIS, we have a high level of comfort with this platform and have assisted with numerous enhancements and testing of the software. We can also assist our clients with conversions from other actuarial software or legacy in-house systems to AXIS.

Want to do some modeling?

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Brian Zucker
Consulting Actuary
"From a young age, I've been fascinated with computers, technology, and programming. Actuarial Modeling allows me to combine my interest in computer science with my skills as an actuary to complete various client requests, such as actuarial valuations and cash flow testing.”